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  • The Transitions Oracle card deck contains of 55 cards.
  • The artwork is comprised of photos in a collage format.
  • The images and spiritual messages are printed on 3 x 5.50 inches, 300 gsm (Grams per Square Meter or 120lb.). Packaged in a tuck box.
  • Smooth and durable card stock.
  • Downloadable PDF booklet accompanies your order. Featuring more detailed descriptions to further support you.
  • Includes royal blue satin bag. 5 x 8 inches with draw string.
  • Card deck was made in U.S.A.
  • Free shipping included to North America only. Will ship First Class Mail.

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About this Deck

Though focused on career or job changes, the Transitions Oracle card deck can be used for any life transition. Each card depicts a lesson along your journey with an illuminating or inspiring message.

The purpose of these cards is to assist you in transitioning through to a more positive, fulfilling space.

Often, we experience multiple transitions concurrently. While it’s not an easy path, it has many gifts as we move forward step-by-step.

  • Designed to support and give clarity to any area of your life where you are experiencing transition such as career, love, financial, death or becoming a new parent.
  • Each card represents spiritual messages and lessons. As we learn these lessons, we can more easily adapt to new circumstances and our comfort-level expands.
  • This is an “Indie” deck in the world of oracle cards, meaning it was created and privately funded, independent of a publishing company. Its novelty is that it was not mass-produced.
  • Consult this Oracle to bring you answers to your questions. May be used alone or with your favorite tarot or oracle decks.


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